Barangay  Lanao, #9  is the "second oldest barrio and the richest Barangay of Bangui, Ilocos Norte".  This is also the famous place where enterprising and adventurous people live.   It is situated between our town Bangui and the town of Pagudpud.  

                                                   THE HISTORY OF LANAO

In the year 1840, when the late Don Mariano Agarpao was the Gobernadorcillo of
Bangui, two brothers Mariano and Damaso Sagucio of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, wanted to seek greener pasture. So, they came to Bangui and presented themselves to the Gobernadorcillo. They applied to explore and clean a portion of the town. When their families, relatives and friends moved northward, they reached a place full of rattan clumps near a river. The place according to the natives was called "kalamnawan", from the word "lamnaw", meaning rattan.

The Sagucio brothers and company were met by a group of natives headed by a chieftain named "Alokaka". At first, Alokaka, and his men were hostile to the newcomers, but due to the good relationship and diplomacy of Mariano and Damaso Sagucio, they gained the sympathy, love, friendship and
respect of the natives. A feast was made as a token of love and understanding.

The newcomers built their small houses on the lot they cleared. After several months, they also cleared the surrounding sitios called Ar
apang, Busisi, and Taguiporo. After all their patience, eagerness and hardships, they were able to clean and clear the place.

 There was a strict ruling that was seriously implemented.  Whoever  misses work would be fined seventy five centavos [0.75]. If that person is still absent the following day and failed to pay fine, his called "atar" would be confiscated right away by the group called "gimong".

It was a custom of the chieftain Alokaka to call for a conference during full moon to talk and discuss problems and suggest solutions to strengthen their ties. Alokaka's advisers, wherein Mariano and Damaso were members attended this conference. The Gobernadorcillo was also invited to attend this conference.

With wit and humor, Damaso Sagucio presented a proposal to the group to change the name of the place "Kalamnawan" to "Lanao" for the sake of euphony. The proposal was smoothly and unanimously approved. This took place on November 30, 1841. The community named Kalamnawan was permanently changed to  “LANAO”.  This marked the first anniversary of the newcomers

As of today, this barangay has a total land area of 392.2009 hectares, 1,865 population and 386 household. Lanao is the second oldest and the richest barangay where enterprising and adventurous people live.

Lanao is divided into six Puroks namely: Sinamar, Rang-ay, Regta, Talna, Namnama, and Bannawag. Every purok’s name has a meaning and everyone is proud to be a part of Barangay Lanao!










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